A Revolutionary New Health Insurance Agency



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Receive a personal, interactive website for lead generation hyperlinked directly to your email and even your smartphone.


Our client relationship management (CRM) technology was designed by Adcahb, exclusively for Adcahb, making e-marketing, lead management, and opportunity management RADICALLY SIMPLE.


Using our exclusive CRM system, you can automatically schedule e-communications and even drip to prospects, years into the future.


With AVA’s revolutionary new agency, Health Care Reform represents one of the greatest opportunities Florida’s health insurance agents have ever seen.




  • CMIC Professional Certification

    You can now become a Certified Medical Insurance Consultant (CMIC) through FAIMIS, the Forum for the Advancement of Individual Medical Insurance Solutions. Becoming a CMIC is to be distinguished as a professional who can better educate consumers, navigate choices, implement solutions, and deliver policy service in light of Health Care Reform. Credits earned through our CMIC program are recognized by the state.

  • Lead Generation

    Enjoy web phone appointment setting, predictive dialer, virtual statewide consumer access, and capturing future clients through FAIMIS–all with entry into your CRM database telling you who you know and don’t know, what they have, what they need, and when they need it.

  • AVA – The Adcahb Virtual Agency

    Created to support Health Care Reform. AVA delivers the financial structures necessary to assure that professionally licensed agents will continue to be available, assisting the public with navigating through the many new choices under Health Care Reform–then helping them to select and enroll in the health coverage that best serves their individual needs.


About Adcahb

Founded in 1969 by W. Adam Clatsoff, Adcahb Medical Coverages became the first Contracting General Agency with Florida Blue. Over the decades, Adcahb has grown to become among the most trusted and leading insurance agencies in the state. Adam has lectured widely on insurance topics nationally, served on Florida’s Life Insurance Advisory Committee, and is the recipient of numerous industry awards. Today, Adam is emeritus, having passed the reigns to his son, William (Bill) Clatsoff, and daughter, Heather Clatsoff-Doucette, who carry on the trusted legacy and rich tradition of Adcahb’s industry leadership. 

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